The Everest Collection is our premium modern, conceptual and decorative range. The harmony of colour and artistic depth creates stunning pieces of floor art and these are all hand knotted by master artisans in India using only premium New Zealand Wool and silk highlights. In their background, each of these pieces has a traditional Persian design that is symbolically fading away or being covered by an array of today’s modern colour palette. This clash between old and new gives these pieces the freedom to exist seemlessly in nearly every modern living space regardless of the style of furniture. Prices starting from $3750.

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A modern Shalimar rug gives any room in your home a luxurious update, from living rooms and dining areas, to bedrooms or hallways

Featuring a tonal colour palette and design that provides texture and warmth, Hali’s Shalimar range is perfect for those seeking a minimal aesthetic with a designer feel. 

Timeless simplicity

The delicate and simplistic design of the Shalimar collection is perfect for contemporary or traditional interior style. 

Carefully hand knotted by master weavers in Central India, this stunning range features subtle textile designs and patterns. Hand crafted from a lustrous organic New Zealand wool, this stunning collection provides ultimate comfort under foot. 

All dyes used in the Shalimar rugs are made from organic vegetable matter, ensuring they look and feel natural. With the textile nature giving depth of colour and design, without the need for a bold pattern, a Shalimar rug will seamlessly style with the existing elements of your home. 

Shalimar rugs Australia

A collection that offers soft, neutral tones and rich pops of colour, Shalimar rugs look stylish in both modern and transitional spaces. With this exquisite range bringing about a fresh new concept in rug making. 

Featuring intricate textile design, these rugs are versatile and stylish, making them perfect for defining an open-plan space or finishing off a cosy room. 

Adding luxurious appeal, the simplicity and richness of a Shalimar rug is the perfect addition to any home. 

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