Rugs By Colour

Colour is powerful. It can influence your mood and perception, changing how you feel in certain environments. This means that your choice of rug colour can have a significant impact on how people feel when walking into a room. This knowledge can help you pick the perfect rug for your home. A multi-coloured graphic rug can inspire creativity within an office whereas an earthy-toned flat weave may be the perfect choice for the bedroom, where you need tranquility and rest.

At Hali Rugs we offer colours to suit all moods and styles:

If you’re looking to give your home a refresh by injecting some new colour, a designer rug is a perfect addition.

Choosing rugs by colour helps ensure you end up with a design that suits your existing decor and colour scheme.

Our collection of designer rugs includes a range of colours available to suit any preferences or interior style.

Define a space

A rug adds comfort, personality and colour, for a welcoming atmosphere in your home. 

Choosing the right rug colour creates cohesion throughout your home, or structure in an open-plan environment

You may have an existing colour scheme and decor style that influences the style of rug you choose. The right rug colour can reinforce your decor style.

Think of your floor space as a large canvas for you to add personality to your room. If you prefer a minimal style, a neutral rug can effortlessly fit with any decor style. While for those wanting a rug to act as the focal point, a bright splash of colour can feel more luxurious and bold.

Create a mood

Colours are often associated with particular moods and the rug you choose can have a big impact on the way a room feels. Certain colours can be suited to different rooms, to create the right atmosphere.

Blue is associated with calmness, serenity and efficiency, making it a popular colour choice for a home office.

Green promotes harmony and balance. It can help create a welcoming atmosphere, so rugs with green tones may be a good choice for high traffic areas such as hallways, kitchens and living rooms.

Yellow imbues positivity and creativity. It pairs well with grey tones, making it a great addition to an otherwise neutral space.

Red is a very stimulating colour and adds a bold punch of colour. A rug featuring red tones will often make a statement in your home, and draw people’s eye.

While red can be invigorating, pink tones are generally more soothing, offering tranquillity and warmth. It works well as an accent colour in rugs.

Black adds sophistication and often reinforces a more contemporary and chic style, perfect for modern Australian homes.

When choosing a rug by colour, think about the room the rug will be going in, and the mood you want to create in that space.

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