Orange rugs

A feel-good colour, adding orange hues to a room can act as an instant mood booster. However, orange can be overwhelming if used too much, which is why a rug is a perfect way to show off this optimistic shade.

Bold or subtle

When choosing a coloured rug, consider the existing colours and decor in the space, as well as the atmosphere you’re trying to create. 

Rugs featuring bold and bright designs will add a fresh pop of colour and make a statement, while something understated will work to tie various decor elements together, creating cohesion throughout your home. Orange works well as a bold or subtle accent, with hues ranging from vibrant to soft and muted. 

When adding a coloured rug to a room, consider the mood you want to evoke. A bold orange hue can be energising and inspiring, while a softer tone may be comforting and cosy. 

Orange rugs for your home

As well as adding style to your living spaces, a rug can anchor your furniture and give the room a more grounded feel. Rooms without rugs often look unfinished. 

A rug offers an easy way to have fun with colour and experiment with patterns, and the colour orange can be a lot more versatile than you may think. Various hues of orange can suit both traditional and modern rug designs. It also works well alongside soft neutral colours or bright colours such as blues, yellows and pinks. 

Touches of orange can add warmth to a room and brighten the space, making it an ideal shade for your rug, whether used in your living room, home office, or hallway. 

A stylish rug works as well as a piece of art as a centrepiece to draw the eye, but as it sits underfoot, a rug is also susceptible to a lot of wear and tear. This is why choosing a rug made from durable fibres is important. Buying a high-quality rug will help ensure it lasts longer and will maintain its lustre for years, with cleaning and care provided from you as well of course. 

Your furniture and decor set the tone for your home, it allows you to create a welcoming environment that shows off your personality. Shop our collection of orange rugs, and add some warmth to your home.