Red rugs

Choosing rugs by colour allows you to maintain a specific palette and design aesthetic throughout your home.

Hali’s collection of designer rugs include many colour and design options to choose from. Tones of red are prominent in both traditional and modern rug designs, with styles to suit any decor preference and home style.

Transform your room with a bold, red rug

An intense and dramatic colour, red can instantly transform a space. Whether you prefer bright and eye-catching, or more muted tones, red often brings energy to a room.

Red coloured rugs can work better in a larger, more open space, due to the intensity of the colour. Red decor can dominate the room and draw the eye, so it’s important to choose the right rug to match the space.

At Hali, we have a wide range of traditional and modern red rugs made from high-quality materials

Create the mood you want with the right rug colour

Before buying a red coloured rug, look at the room as a whole to determine the design that will work best. Consider its existing colour scheme, or if you’re just starting out with your decor, the colour scheme you want the room to have.

Red can easily clash with other colours if not considered properly. Choose a red rug that works with other colours and decor style in the room. It can tie in with the existing palette, or act as a highlight feature.

Colours can influence our emotions, and different tones of red will have a different impact on the feeling of a room. Bright and vibrant colours can create a sense of energy, while rich and deep colours can make a room feel more intimate. Consider whether bright reds, rich burgundy, or softer, muted tones of red suit the mood you want to create.

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