White rugs

White is clean, fresh and light. White rugs make you feel comfortable and relaxed while creating the perfect opportunity to add accent colours and patterns. Our white Soumakh rugs melds classic design and modern colour, while our white Warta adds clean texture

Known for creating a versatile styling accent for a cosy environment, every home should have a beautiful white rug.

White is often the colour people start with, it acts as the perfect blank space to then add in colour and texture bit by bit. When combined with warm tones, a white rug adds feelings of warmth and cosiness, or when used with bright colours, the white will help them really pop and stand out.

Rug maintenance & care

One of the biggest considerations when buying a white rug is the care and maintenance required.

A white rug will show up dirt and stains and will require more regular cleaning than darker or patterned rugs. You need to be willing to look after a white rug, as a dirty rug can make the whole space feel dirty.

When looking at white rugs for sale, consider where in your home they will be used. As it requires more cleaning and care, a white rug may be more suited to certain areas in your home.

The kitchen may not be the best place for obvious reasons, nor would the entryway or hallway, as this is generally a high traffic area. However, a white rug can work perfectly for a home office or bedroom.

Consider using different tones of white, from ivory to cream, or patterned white rugs to work in different spaces.

Versatile style

White rugs can offer a lot of versatility when it comes to interior style. A white rug can look elegant and timeless, and works well with modern or traditional spaces.

You can create the illusion of space with a white rug, making it a good option for a smaller room. White works well in light and bright spaces, where natural light can bounce off the white furnishing. It can make a room feel bigger and brighter, though white is often best used in rooms with a good amount of natural light.

Consider your current furniture and decor pieces when buying a rug. A block white rug will work well to soften other colours and patterns and not overwhelm the space, while a muted rug made up of white and soft neutrals is a timeless addition to any home. White rugs can sometimes offer a slightly Scandinavian style, especially if you choose a more minimal design.

Whether you prefer simple patterns with complementing colours and textures, or a contrasting black and white design, for a sophisticated and polished look, you can’t go wrong with white rugs.

Buy white rugs online

When you buy white rugs online, look for high-quality materials that will last for years. Wool rugs are a good investment, as they are durable and maintain their lustre in the long term.

Hali offers a range of white rugs for sale to suit any decor or home style. Explore our collection online now.