A beautiful feature to enhance any space, a designer rug is an essential addition to the home.

The right rug can create a stylish aesthetic, and each room in your home may have a different style or mood you want to evoke.

We have rugs suitable for every space, from the dining room and kitchen to the living room and hallway.

The right rug for the room

When buying a new rug, consider what room it is for, as this will impact the type of design, colours and rug size you choose.

For hallways and entrance areas, you may want a smaller rug or hallway runner to fit the space better. Also, take into account rugs in these areas will deal with higher levels of foot traffic, so you may want to choose hard-wearing materials and darker colours.

As one of the most used rooms in the house, your living room rug can have a big impact on the space. Whether you want it to act as a statement piece or be used to tie together the existing decor style, a designer rug will enhance your living area.

Rugs used in the dining room may be more susceptible to spills and stains, so you may want to choose colours and patterns that do not show marks as easily.

For large spaces, an area rug can provide the coverage you need to protect your flooring, while also adding style and warmth.

A bedroom rug can help create a cosy atmosphere, with somewhere soft to put your feet when you get up in the morning. Bedroom rugs can also be used to show off each family members’ distinct style and personality, with a range of colours, patterns and designs to choose from.

Buying rugs by room helps you choose the right style for the space. Shop our range of stunning designer rugs online now.