Hali offer a diverse range of exclusive Soumakh rugs with a robust texture reminiscent of embroidery. Utilising the techniques of flat weaving, this range is totally reversible and lies thin on the floor for a more casual, traditional feel. They are well suited for warmer climates and as they have no pile, these are hygienic rugs that do not collect dust. As you can see below, our Soumakh's come in either strong or pastel colours and are at a more modest price point to other collection as being a flat weave, they are less labour intensive than other collections. We always have plenty in stock among our showrooms as these are exceptionally popular given their unique look and great price point. Prices starting from $1,060.

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Rugs provide comfort and visual appeal within the home. They can be used to draw your eye to a space or add structure to an open plan living area.

Hali’s stunning Soumakh rugs feature a traditional patterned design that will add elegance to both classic and modern spaces.

Define a space with a stylish rug

A rug that ties with your existing palette can help create a harmonious interior style. Hali’s Soumakh rugs feature a wide array of colours, ranging from bold, rich colours to soft, pastel tones, to suit many interior decors.

Made from premium New Zealand wool, our Soumakh rugs have no pile, making them easy to clean and hygienic, as they do not collect allergens. This can make them a good option for kitchens and dining rooms, where there is more chance of spillage.

Utilising the techniques of flat weaving, these rugs are reversible and lie thin on the floor, offering versatility with styling options. Experiment with our Soumakh rug collection and try layering them with other rugs to create a unique and distinctive look in your home.

Soumakh rug collection

Our exclusive Soumakh range offers customers designer rug styles at an affordable price point.

Choosing the right size rug is an important element to consider when buying a rug, as a rug that is too small can make the space look awkward and unbalanced. Hali’s Soumkah collections are available in a variety of sizes to suit any space in your home.

To add a traditional feel to your home, explore our Soumakh rugs online now.