Spotlight on New Zealand Wool

Spotlight on New Zealand Wool

Spotlight on New Zealand Wool

At Hali, we love New Zealand Wool and refuse to compromise on anything less with any of our wool products. This is because New Zealand Wool is both the softest and naturally whitest of any wool variety in the world. It’s natural shine and high lanolin content guarantee that after the dyeing process, it is more vibrant and colourful than any other wool variety.

Wool from New Zealand is also cruelty free as the sheep enjoy a much happier and less stressful life than those in other parts of the world. As such, their coats develop unmatched lanolin and integrity, so their wool needs not be chemically processed. Consequently, our suppliers buy raw wool in its natural state so that it is prime for sorting, hand-spinning and the dyeing.

Top quality New Zealand Wool is sent raw to India, where it is then sorted and hand-spun into yarn for dying and then weaving. Spinning by hand ensures that no fibres are damaged, and the integrity of the natural lanolin is maintained to give lustre and act as a natural scotch guard. As so much extra attention is placed on shearing the sheep in an ethical manner as well as keeping them grass-fed and taking into consideration their general well-being, New Zealand Wool is an expensive alternative to Indian, Sardinian or Argentinean Wool. However, as you can see by our rugs it is worth the extra cost.

New Zealand Wool is a strong, elegant and luxurious product that is breathable and easy to clean. It stays warm in winter and cool in summer, making it ideal for all climates

After 40 years of market leadership in Australia, we ensure all our wool rugs are made from New Zealand Wool, so we can provide the best products for our clientele.

10th November 2020