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Rugs 101: Top Questions to Ask Your Rug Dealer

  • What is it Made From?

    First, enquire as to the materials used in the rug you are considering given that this will ultimately determine its price, durability and overall functionality. For example, if you are after something hard-wearing but also soft and comfy for your lounge room… a rug made from 100% NZ Wool will be the best option. On the other hand, if you are looking for something completely luxe to bring shine, depth and colour to your formal sitting room; perhaps a bamboo or cocoon silk rug is the best fit.

  • Where is it Made?

    After defining your rugs purpose and functionality, you must then always ask where it is made. Hali sources all our rugs from reputable manufacturers in India ensuring that the materials used are of the finest quality and never compromised. It is common in other parts of the world for premium wool to be mixed with cheap material to save costs; but rest assured this is clearly visible for anyone when looking at a handmade rug. As soon as the wool is compromised, it loses its shine and lustre… this can also lead to the rug being more difficult to clean and more prone to early wear and tear. This is also relevant when purchasing rugs made from Bamboo or Art Silk as well as Cocoon Silk and, Cotton or Jute. Just make sure you are purchasing from a reputable company who sources their rugs directly from the manufacturer rather than a third party.

  • Ethical Manufacturing

    Whilst child or forced labour is illegal in all major rug manufacturing countries, it unfortunately does occur. Thus, ensure you are buying your rug from a company that supports institutions such as Care & Fair or Goodweave that fight daily to safeguard communities and permit the use of child-labour. All reputable rug dealers support these institutions.

  • Cleaning and Maintenance

    Naturally, accidents happen and over the years all rugs bear the brunt of muddy feet and the occasional spillage of food and drink. Rest assured that quality rugs are easy to clean, given you do it correctly. Depending on the fibers and knotting technique of your rug, your dealer should be able to give you clear advice on how to spot clean yourself and should also refer you to a cleaning professional if you happen to have a nasty accident.

  • Will the Rug Look Good in My Space?

    A rug is not an everyday purchase and there are limitless designs, qualities and weaving techniques. Thus, when purchasing a rug, you really need to rely on and trust the expertise of your salesperson. An experienced sales consultant should be able to not only assist you with all the points mentioned above but also have the nous to envisage that the rug will both practically and aesthetically tie in with your existing décor. Rugs are a fashion item after all, so we vigorously train our staff be savvy with all the latest styles and trends for Australian homes. When shopping with Hali we really ensure that our expert staff nail the visuals, practicality and quality so that you get the perfect piece within budget.