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We're proud of our history but not stuck in the past.

Handmade Traditional and Persian rugs

For over 40 years Hali has sourced distinguished Traditional and Persian Rugs for our clients. Our carefully curated collections are all handcrafted from premium organic materials such as New Zealand Wool and Cocoon Silk. Inspired by the timeless designs of age-old Persian Rugs; our Mathura, Tabriz, Kashmiri Silks and Hali Classics are handcrafted by master artisans in India to ensure they are made to last a lifetime.

We are also Australia’s largest stockist of Kashmiri Silks, with our team regularly travelling to the northernmost parts of India to hand pick these masterpieces.

A beautiful addition to your home

Suitable on tiles, floorboards or carpeting, our curated collection of traditional and Persian rugs will bring warmth, comfort and effortless style to your home.

Available in many sizes, our rugs can fit any room, whether you need one large enough to fit a spacious living area or a Persian carpet runner for your entryway.

They can help create cohesion in a room, or section off open plan spaces to create distinctive areas. We can also make custom sizes to ensure you get the best fit.

The perfect addition to living and dining areas, bedrooms and hallways, our beautiful handcrafted floor rugs will complete any room.

Designer luxury style

Our stunning range of traditional and Persian rugs add a touch of luxury to any room, and with many beautiful designs, there is something to suit any decor style.

Using a natural vegetable dyeing process our traditional and Persian rugs feature an eclectic array of rich, organic colours.

From bright and bold coloured hues to create depth and distinction, or minimal, monochrome palettes in soft muted tones and prints, our traditional rugs are perfect for both contemporary and classically styled spaces.

With their unique and distinctive designs, traditional rugs can add colour and texture to the room. Whether to make a statement or blend seamlessly with your existing decor, our stunning designer collection will help define any space in your home.

Traditional and Persian rugs online

Explore our carefully curated collection of traditional and Persian rugs including, Mathura, Tabriz, Hali Classics, Tribal, Kashmir Silk Rugs, Soumakh, Kashan and Silk Rose.

Hand crafted using premium and organic materials, our high-quality rugs will maintain their colour and luxe appearance for years to come.

Many of our designs are hand-knotted from 100% New Zealand wool, while our Kashmir Silk and Silk Rose collections are hand-knotted using cocoon silk.

With our wide collection of the finest floor rugs, there is sure to be something to complement any home and decor style.

Shop our range of Traditional and Persian rugs online now.