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The Hali Story

From generations, for generations.

For over four decades, Hali has woven quality, comfort and style into Australian homes. It all began in 1979 when Ian Swart, inspired by the beauty and artistry of handmade textiles, founded Hali. From a single rug shop in South Yarra, Hali grew and flourished, soon establishing retail stores across the country within just 15 years. Today, Hali remains 100% family-owned and operated, with Ian's children Dan and Rebecca proudly at the helm, as fourth-generation of their family in the rug industry.

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Our Core Values

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    The Hali Family - We are a family business. Everyone at Hali treats each other with the same respect they would members of their own family.

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    World’s Best Customer Service - We go above and beyond for our clients by nurturing relationships to make their experience as easy as we possibly can. They invite us into their homes, and we help them transform their spaces. It's the best customer service in the industry.

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    Lead The Industry - At the forefront of everything we do is a deep love for beautiful handmade rugs. We travel the world sourcing the pieces that inspire us.

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    Honesty And Integrity – We disprove the stereotypes of our industry and are transparent in our communication.

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    Social Responsibility - We work with like-minded makers and suppliers, only sourcing rugs that are ethically made and without child labour. In advancing this cause, we take responsibility for our actions, protecting the people and places in which we operate. Undertaking this mindset ensures the longevity of the industry and is the right thing to do by our artisans.

How Our Rugs are Sourced

Watch the journey of a rug from it's humble beginnings as wool in India, all the way to the Hali showrooms.

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