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Our Boho Rugs, conceived in our Melbourne Studio, encapsulate the essence of modern Bohemian style. Handmade by skilled artisans in India, each piece resonates with contemporary trends. While modestly priced compared to our Heritage Collections, they maintain our commitment to quality, crafted from premium materials for durability and style

With each piece designed in house at our Melbourne Studio, our Boho Rugs echo the latest trends of the modern Bohemian aesthetic and are each handmade by skilled artisans in India. These are all at a more modest price point than our Heritage Collections but still  hardwearing and handmade from premium materials.

Bohemian style incorporates vintage colour and texture, mixing traditional patterning, tribal motifs and geometric designs. 

Featuring distressed, vintage design, our range of Boho style rugs add a bold punch of colour in any room of the house. This unique style allows you to enhance your space with warmth and individuality.

Embrace eclectic style

A stunning blend of colour, texture and patterns, our range of bohemian rugs allow you to embrace eclectic style within your home.

Boho styles often take influence from various elements from different cultures around the world, integrating rich colours and strong patterns into your home.

Our collection of boho style rugs can act as bold accent pieces in any space. Drawing the eye and creating definition in the room.

A number of our boho inspired designs are available in various colour options and a range of sizes to fit any space.

Add warmth, texture and style to any living space with one of our designer Boho rugs

Boho rugs Australia

Our range features styles that have been hand knotted from premium New Zealand wool and premium up-cyclled sari silk, integrating rich colours and strong patterns.

Our Nirvana 1 collection has been hand loomed by expert weavers. Made from bamboo silk and New Zealand wool, these semi flatweave rugs provide texture and warmth. While, hand knotted in the remote villages of North West Afghanistan by the Uzbek people, our Shabargan rugs are available in a range of stunning shades.

A careful curation of beautiful bohemian designs that evoke scenes from a bright Moroccan bazaar or a lively Istanbul night market, our range of high quality, bohemian rugs make the perfect statement.

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