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Our Fuze Collection, mirroring nature's chaotic beauty, is hand-knotted in India by master artisans. Celebrated for their asymmetric & distressed appeal, these rugs introduce dynamic color, texture & pattern. Crafted from the finest materials, they ensure vibrant, dramatic hues and robust, easy-to-clean quality.

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Hali’s Fuze Collection is inspired by the chaos of nature. Tracing the beauty in both the cluttered and random patterns of our natural environments, these rugs are all about their overall feeling rather than a specific focus on acute detail. Hand knotted by master artisans all throughout India, our Fuze rugs are void of symmetry both in their design and colour arrangement to specifically provide either an array of tone or a haphazard pattern to modern Australian homes. The Fuze collection is made from either the finest New Zealand Wool or the highest quality hand spun and bamboo silk, ensuring that the colours are vibrant and dramatic and the quality robust and easy to clean. Prices starting from $3900.

Inspired by the chaos of nature, Hali’s Fuze rugs provide a splash of colour and design, perfect for modern Australian homes. 

Available in a wide array of colours, this stunning collection will fit seamlessly with any decor style.

A piece of art

A painting is not the only way to bring art into your home. The unique design and textural depth of our Fuze collection creates the perfect centrepiece for your living space.  Designed to recreate the unpredictable beauty often found in natural environments, Hali’s Fuze rugs can work in modern and classic spaces.  

These beautiful rugs have been hand-knotted by master artisans in India using pure New Zealand wool, with bamboo silk highlights to emphasise vibrant and dramatic colours.

The use of high-quality materials results in hard-wearing and easy to clean rugs that will maintain their beautiful appearance for years.

Fuze rug collection

The Fuze rug collection provides a creative and artistic flair, for a style that feels both fresh and timeless. 

Featuring asymmetric design and soft tones, our Fuze collection rugs look amazing on natural stone tiles and floorboards with bold furniture. The colours and designs are the perfect key feature to tie together any space. 

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