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Taking a fresh, modern approach to timeless Persian designs, our Heirloom collection is uniquely designed for Australian homes. Exclusively ours, each rug is handknotted from premium New Zealand Wool and Cocoon Silk, blending seamlessly into both modern and traditional spaces—a treasured highlight of our range.

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Our Heirloom rugs are a unique collection designed specifically for Australian homes. Exclusive to Hali, each piece is finely hand knotted from only the finest materials such as premium New Zealand Wool and Cocoon Silk.

In many of these pieces, we have adopted a modern approach of taking a timeless Persian design and recreating it in a modern Australian palette. As such, these rugs can be used in both modern and traditional style spaces. They are one of our most favourite collections.

For a true classic among our many rug designs, Hali’s Classics rugs have long been a customer favourite.

Each piece in our Classics range is designed in-house, featuring classic designs with a modern array of colours.

Classic meets modern

Old and new come together with our Classics collection. Hali Classics rugs are perfect for homes wanting a more traditional styled rug that will still work in modern space.

Hand-knotted using New Zealand wool, this collection includes high-quality designs made to look good in your home for years to come.

From the soft, neutral tones of our Kohinoor rugs to the bold palette of Sibak, our Classics collection is designed to fit seamlessly into any existing decor style, or perfect for those wanting to give their home a refresh.

With many designs featuring bamboo silk highlights to provide a luxurious and soft feel, these rugs will add warmth and comfort to any room, from the bedroom to the dinning.

Hali Classics rug collection

The Persian inspired designs and geometric patterns set in a modern palette, create a unique style that will help anchor a room with a strong central piece.

For an eclectic array of our best selling and most unique rugs, explore our stunning Classics rugs collection, online now.