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Our Luxe Rugs embody an eclectic mix of bold designs, rich textures, and vibrant colors, making them standout pieces for any space. Crafted from premium materials, these rugs offer stunning quality at an affordable price. Perfect for defining your space with style, each Luxe Rug is a testament to exceptional craftsmanship.

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An eclectic fusion of bold designs, rich textures and a pop of colour, our Luxe Rugs are a true statement piece for any space. Without compromising on quality, we’ve rewritten the rules of rug making to provide our clients with a stunning range of rugs at an affordable price point. Define your space your way with one of these beautiful rugs, all hand-crafted from premium materials.

Rugs are a key piece of decor for the home, providing textural depth to a room and adding warmth and colour to create a cosy and welcoming feel. 

With an eclectic fusion of bold colours and rich textures, Hali’s Luxe collection is filled with stunning statement pieces fit for any space. 

A stunning masterpiece

Our Luxe range is perfect for those who prefer a sleek and modern look. 

Hand loomed by expert weavers, this range is crafted with the highest quality materials to ensure durability and a design that will retain its lustre for years to come. 

Made from New Zealand wool with carved bamboo silk highlights, our Luxe rugs are bold and bright. The gorgeous palette of this collection anchors any space and can work with both neutral and bold decor styles. 

If your room is feeling unfinished, a rug is the perfect piece of decor to pull everything together and create a stylish, complete look.

Luxe rugs online

Rugs can help bring a luxurious feel to the home, and no collection does it more so than our Luxe rugs. 

Hali’s Luxe rugs collection works with floorboards, stone floors, tiles or carpeted floors. Soft and comfortable underfoot, they add a sumptuous feel to any room, from bedrooms to bathrooms. 

Explore our stunning Luxe rugs online now.