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Handcrafted from fine New Zealand wool, our exclusive Mathura Collection modernizes timeless Persian designs with contemporary hues. Designed in-house and a cherished part of Hali's range for over 30 years, their luxurious sheen and depth make them a versatile choice for Australian decor

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Hali's exclusive Mathura Collection acquaints contemporary colours to stunning Persian designs that have remained unchanged for centuries. Using exceptionally fine New Zealand wool, organic vegetable dyes and expert knotting techniques, these rugs have a luxurious shine and depth. The Mathura collection is exceptionally versatile and they are a beautiful addition to living rooms, bedrooms, dining areas and hallways. We always have plenty of stock in this collection as it has been our most popular traditional range for many years and has kept our delighted customers coming back for more, meaning you don't ever have to wait to add one of these master pieces to a room in your home. Prices starting from $2,500.

Hali’s exclusive Mathura collection feature stunning Persian designs with a modern twist.

These patterned rugs can make a statement or perfectly tie a space together, creating a complete look. The lustrous shine and depth of our Mathura rugs will give your home a luxurious feel that you can enjoy for years to come.

Signature Hali collection

One of our most popular traditional ranges, the Mathura collection is crafted from exceptionally fine New Zealand wool, organic vegetable dyes and expert knotting techniques.

Available in a range of sizes to suit any space, our Mathura rugs make a beautiful addition to lounge rooms, bedrooms, dining areas and hallways.

Perfect on natural tiles, floorboards or carpeted flooring, Hali’s Mathura rug collection features a contemporary colour palette that will fit seamlessly with classical Australian furniture and decor.

Mathura rug collection

A rug is often one of the first things you notice in a room, so make sure to buy one made from high-quality materials that will look beautiful for many years.

When choosing a rug for your home, consider if you want one to compliment your existing palette and decor style or if you’re looking to give the room a refresh. With contemporary colours set against traditional design, our Mathura range is a must-buy to complement any classic style living, dining or bedroom.

Explore this stunning collection online and add one of these masterpieces to your home.