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Meticulously hand-knotted from premium New Zealand wool, our exclusive Tabriz collection boasts unparalleled beauty. Using age-old organic vegetable dying techniques, each piece narrates its own vibrant tale. A hallmark of Hali's traditional collection, our Tabriz have been a treasured collection for over two decades.

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The designs and colour pallets of our exclusive Tabriz collection are among the most unique worldwide. Hand knotted from New Zealand Wool by expert artisans and organically hand dyed they each convey a distinctive story intertwining adept colours and conception. The Tabriz collection is our premium line of traditional rugs and have been so for over two decades. Prices starting from $2,850.

Add class and luxury to your home with our Tabriz rug collection.

Featuring a bold palette for reds and blues, the unique designs of Hali’s Tabriz rugs create a statement in any home.

A bold statement

At Hali, we are committed to creating beautiful rugs that will last in your home for years. Hand-knotted by expert artisans using pure New Zealand wool, the quality of these rugs is undeniable.

This exclusive collection features an eclectic array of organic, rich colours that will work seamlessly with a variety of interior palettes and styles. Each piece is hand-dyed using over 25 vegetable dyed colours, creating richness and depth.

The ultimate addition to both classic and contemporary living spaces, the stunning detail of our Tabriz rugs looks striking set against floorboards, but will work just as well on tiled or carpeted floors.

One of Hali’s most premium lines of traditional rugs, our Tabriz collection has long been a favourite amongst our customers.

Hali’s Tabriz rugs

Our Tabriz rug collection is for those not afraid to make a statement in their home.

Perfect for modern and classic spaces, the rich colours of Hali’s Tabriz rug collection provide a cosy feel, adding warmth and depth to a room.

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