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Yellow Rugs

A yellow rug is a versatile addition, making a statement or seamlessly tying in with your existing decor. Whether your space boasts traditional charm or modern flair, a yellow rug can brighten and complement your design style beautifully.

A colourful rug will add warmth and brightness to any space, and it doesn’t get much brighter than a yellow rug!

A yellow rug can make a statement or tie in with your existing decor palette, whether you have a traditional design or a modern style.

With a wide range of yellow coloured rugs for sale, Hali has something for any home and personal style.

Add cheer to a room

A coloured rug can bring a room to life, but each colour will set a different mood.

With the colour of joy, happiness, intellect, energy and hope, a yellow rug is sure to bring a cheerful vibe to any room. 

A rug is something to keep for many years, and Hali’s premium quality designer rugs are an investment every home needs. A great centrepiece for the room, a yellow rug will help create an overall positive mood, but as with any coloured rug, it’s important to think carefully about where in your home it will live.

Yellow often works best in your home’s more welcoming and busy spaces, such as hallways, kitchens and casual dining areas. As it is generally considered an energetic colour, yellow rugs are not always well suited for bedrooms, where you want to evoke feelings of calm and restfulness.

Choosing the right yellow rug

A yellow rug can act as a focal point of the room, adding a pop of colour to any space in your home.

Whether you choose a rug with warm gold tones, bright pops of canary yellow, or subtle yellow highlights, you want to pick a rug that complements other colours in the rooms.  

Yellow is often considered to be a tricky colour to work with, but you can balance out bright yellow with other colours to make it work with your existing style. Consider the type of yellow tones in the rug when thinking about what other colours it will work best with. Golden or mustard hues contrast well with darker colours, while soft pastel, lemon hues work well with muted neutrals.

Yellow can be easily influenced by other colours in the room. When paired with reds and oranges, yellow rugs will give off warmth, but they can appear more cool-toned when paired with blues and greens.

Yellow can also change depending on how much light is in the room, so you may want to consider where in your home they will work the best depending on how much light the room receives.

Explore Hali’s yellow coloured rugs for sale online now.