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Our Himalayan Rugs meld contemporary design with traditional Tibetan weaving for superior quality and luster. Hand-knotted by artisans with premium New Zealand wool and art silk, they range from classic to delicately textured, perfect for high-traffic areas. Easy to clean, they offer a luxurious, modern feel.

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Our Himalayan Rugs combine Hali's contemporary vision with the traditional Tibetan weaving techniques that ensure high quality, durability and lustre. Every piece is hand knotted by expert artisans, using only premium New Zealand wool and art silk highlights. Ranging from classic contemporary to both simplistic and delicate textures, they are extremely easy to clean and maintain and are therefore ideal for the high traffic modern family and living rooms. Hali's Himalayan Rugs provide the ultimate luxurious and modern feel. Prices starting from $3650.

Hand-knotted by expert artisans using New Zealand wool, premium linen and bamboo silk, Hali’s range of Himalayan rugs provide the ultimate luxurious and modern feel. 

The traditional Tibetan weaving techniques used in creating this collection, ensure high quality, durability and lustre, for a rug that will look beautiful for many years to come.

Distinctive design

Whether you prefer classic or contemporary style, rugs can help bring together all the unique elements of a room to create a cohesive style throughout your home.

Featuring geometric patterns and understated tones, these rugs are the ideal addition to modern spaces. The repeated pattern and use of only a few tonal colours in each design gives the sense of minimalist style, while still making a bold statement.

A rug adds texture and warmth and can easily be added to any room in the house, from bathrooms and kitchens to bedrooms and living areas. These high-quality rugs are easy to clean and maintain, making them perfect for adding style to high traffic areas in your home.

With simplistic and delicate textures, our Himalayan rug collection will help you revamp any room with a touch of luxury.

Himalayan rug collection online

Made by skilled artisans, our Himalayan rug collection will bring warmth, comfort and luxurious style into your home.

A stylish rug helps bring the elements of a room together. Choose a style to reflect your personality and provide a textural feature in the room.

Add sophistication to your home with our range of Himalayan rugs, available online now.